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    Hey all you CTI experts, we are going for our first time in May and I just have a question. From the pics the beach area looks small compared to other Couples resorts, is this the case? Or since it a private beach does it really matter?


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    CTI is small compared to the beaches in Negril. But we like them better because they are completely private. The beach isn't worse, just smaller - you won't be able to take long walks on it.

    If you check out the Panoramic of the CTI Beach, it's like you're standing right on it. You'll be able to see the size from that. Here's the link:

    No worries, mon! The water is still clear and the sand is still soft. And you'll never have trouble getting a beach chair, it's not crowded.
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    It is smaller, but it is all yours. It is private, and relaxing. No vendors, jet skies, others from other resorts on it, and bug free. We think it is the best.
    Irie Mon

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    Yes, it is smaller than the other beaches, but it is also private as it is in a cove. There are no other guests on the beach and only the resort staff. There are not other boaters or water sports people other than the resort water sports. I think the ONLY exception to this is I saw a fishing boat come in and pick up some guests one time in 3 visits. It's a very quiet beach.

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