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    Default Repeater Question - upgrades

    We have been to Couples only 7 times previous and are about to book trips 8 & 9 for 2010. Being in the repeaters program we have asked about the room upgrades on several occasions but have been always told nothing was available. It didn't matter if we checked at check-in or when we booked many months in advance. The reply is always the same. Has anyone been able to receive the upgrade and what/when/how did you get it? I'd like to know what the secret password, nod or wink is to get one. Thanks.

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    Steve&Cindy have a tip for you in a post they made on Jan. 13, 2010 in this thread...


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    Last year we were upgraded to a Beachfront room in building B at CSS. We received the room upgrade upon arrival.

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    We were upgraded on our last trip to CSA from our standard Atrium room to a Beachfront. Didn't ask for it, but we got it because the second floor Atriums were all full.
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    The key to get a repeaters upgrade is the room category requested has to be available. If you go during a peak high capacity time it most likely will not be available.
    Also if they are running promo like early booking bonus or FILA special even during off season it might not be available for upgrade.
    Our prefered room is Penthouse suite, so we book it when we make our reservation. The difference from the next category is (One bedroom beachfront jac.) not that much

    I totally agree with you that they should not advertise that a free upgrade is available if it really is rarely available

    We also have our next two vacations to CSS booked

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    No upgrades for the RR program so far for us, even when booking very far in advance - we decided to just book the top room level this time and get what we wanted.
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    Same problem here. Trip to CN #12 coming up, I have no expectations. One upgrade given many years ago, actually before the rewards became reality, it was unexpected, but very nice.

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    We have always been told the same thing. We would if we could, you deserve it, but nothing is available.
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    John, we have never received the upgrade. however we travel when the resort is usually at capacity. not a deal breaker for us, but an alternative would be nice.


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    John from Jersey

    There are many of us that are repeat guests that have not had the pleasure of receiving a room upgrade. It is all dependant on what rooms are available for that period of time.

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    Of course, some of us dont want an upgrade. We always stay in an Atrium at CSA and no way would we want any other room (not even a beachfront in the old section - too close to the pathway), but since we always travel in peak season (February) other rooms are unlikely to be available for the two weeks we are there.

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    We've only been upgraded once. Didn't ask for it, and the way it happened was kind of funny.

    As we were checking in at SweptAway one year, I was filling in our paperwork. Suddenly an arm came over my shoulder, taking away my clipboard. As I was turning around to see who it was, I could hear the voice of Alex Fabulous saying... "No, no... this will never do...!" We were instantly upgraded from our Atrium Suite to Beachfront Suite.

    We hadn't been back in about 18 months at the time, and yet Alex recognized us as he was walking up behind us! This is a more a testament to the quality of personnel that Couples employs than any level of service, as far as we are concerned.

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    The irony of this subject CSS specifically, the category with the least amount of rooms is the lowest(C block)..last year we booked it, and got placed in D block (beachfront suites)IMHO, there is your best shot for an cheapest room at CSS...and there is a good chance they will be full


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