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    Default Which Resort is best?

    I am planning my honeymoon for June of 2011 and there are so many resorts, I don't know which to choose. I definitely know we want to go to Negril, and so far COUPLES is looking the best. I would like to hear from people who have been to COUPLES.

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    Everyone on this board has been, or is planning to go, to Couples - since it's a Couples Message Board provided by the resort.

    If you want to go to Negril, your two options are Couples Swept Away and Couples Negril. We've been to both and they are both great. One isn't better than the other.

    Here are some quick differences:
    CN - Sits in Bloody Bay which it shares with 3 other resorts and public beach access. Separate section of main beach used for nude sunbathing. Individual buildings throughout the resort for the rooms. All on beach level. Somewhat spread out. Huge main pool with swim-up bar. Rooms decorated in bright colors. Room service only in select room categories and it must be ordered a day in advance. All rooms have mini bars.

    CSA - Sits on 7 mile beach. Separate buildings for rooms that are cabana like, dark wood and white linens. Resort is spread out along the beach but all on beach level. Only resort with rooms right on the beach where you can walk off your first floor patio into sand. Fantastic food. Night Club. Some rooms do not have televisions or mini bars. 5 restaurants. No nude sunbathing option. Huge sports complex across the street.

    Check out the website for each resort, look at the pics, read this board and go to the resort that is calling to you. You can't go wrong if you choose Couples! We honeymooned at CTI in 2002, got hooked, have been back every year since and to all of the Couples.
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    I can never improve on what Amy just posted, as she presented a nice capsualized piece on each resort. You will will see posts from folks giving their opinion on which resort they like and why they. While I would never take anyone's advice as to choosing either resort, I would pay attention to the why part of their responses, as here you can gather additional information which may eventually sway you toward one of them.

    I always feel tho that it's important to first determine what exactly you want in your resort. List out the things that matter most to you (ie, size, look and layout of the resort, room and/or building styles, AN beach or not, etc). Taking this approach may help you hone in on one in particular, or at least combined with what others say about each resort may help you decide.

    The beauty about this decision: you won't go wrong no matter which one you choose.

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    Which resort is best?? Whichever one calls to you. You will find as you research that you keep going back to one resort as it offers the most of what you are looking for. That is probably how you decided on Couples. It works the same way for which Couples. Just visit websites, message boards and view as many photos as you can.

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