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    Default Q re: outside photographers and non-binding ceremonies...?

    Has anyone ever gone off-site to use an outside photographer, therefore avoiding the on-site fee?

    I know there are a few great photographers (stacy clark for example) and figured, isn't there a near-by beach that is safe to walk to (off couple's grounds) where she could meet us for free?

    The reason I'm considering this is I think we are going to have a very private wedding ceremony. Exchanging our commitment and rings. just the two of us. no minister/officiant. I don't feel the need to make it "Legal" in Jamaica. As, it is no more real to me either way. If we decide to eventually make it legal, we'll go to the courthouse when we get back to the states (for a number of reasons, taxes a big one, it will penalize us financially to be legally married).

    So, theoretically, could we get dressed in our resort room (we're staying at CSS) and then go somewhere for our self-made ceremony, and have a photog meet us there to take pictures of us exchanging vows and then some after-shots (trash the dress, etc.)??

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    I would contact Stacy or whatever photographer you are using, I think they would be more able to answer that. You would have to get transportation to where you would meet the photographer. And I'm not sure what access you would have to a beach near CNN. It's pretty secluded.
    Not sure that helped or not, but good luck, I'd love to hear how it turns out.

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    Yeah I agree with Apprentice, I would call and talk to a wedding photographer but I think you might have a little more trouble finding a private beach then you think. I've been at CN and CSS both and taken boat rides up and down the seven mile beach and there's really no "private" or secluded parts that I saw. Pretty much all of the beach is covered with resorts and I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be allowed to just walk up and get married there. I'm not trying to knock your idea b/c it sounds like a great thought, but unless you know a specific place you can do this at, you might reconsider b/c I think you might have more trouble trying to put this together than you might think. Maybe one of the photographers might know a place, calling them is probably the best idea.

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    Thanks for the ideas/dissuasions...

    I see your point about the other beaches not being private enough, or getting hassled for taking our wedding to the local of another resort.Google earth makes it look like there are tons of beaches, but looking at it from space, and from the ground, certainly are two different things. hmmmm.

    have contacted Stacy, waiting for a reply.


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