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    Quick question... my wife & I get our morning caffeine via soda pop... not coffee. Yes, I know... soda pop over coffee. ANYWAY, does CN serve fountain soda pop or canned soda pop... if it is fountain pop, is it available throughout the day? Any info would be appreciated.

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    Yes, there's a soda machine at the beach grill. I believe it's available all of the time.

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    There is a soda fountain machine at the self-serve beach bar too...and remember you can have canned/bottled sodas stocked in your mini-bar in your room! The resort serves Pepsi products but you can buy Coke products in the gift shop, if memory serves.

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    My wife shares similar tastes - her addiction is a Mountain Dew first thing in the morning. We were at CN over New Year's. Although Dew wasn't available via soda fountain, it was available in the gift shop. A 20 oz bottle was $1 US. We made a daily stop for the Dew before going to breakfast and my wife was happy.

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