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    Default Leave tomorrow: Last minute question!

    We are leaving tomorrow for CN and I'm worried that my husband won't be dressed appropriately at night. I've read on the boards that he would be okay if he wears nice shorts and a nice shirt but I've also seen that most guys wear slacks. Will he be okay in shorts for all of the restaurants at night (minus the fancy one)??

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    Yes, he will be fine in shorts for every restaurant except the fancy one. So pack at least one pair of slacks! My hubby wears nice shorts on most nights. Have fun!
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    make sure he packs a pair of dress shoes

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    Yes, he will be fine in shorts and a nice shirt at all restaurants except for Otaheite. A nice pair of sandals too! Enjoy.

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    Men only need slacks for the fancy restaurant and if you go to the repeat stay restaurant. If you were going to the Starlite gala @ CSS most men wear slacks for that as well

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    I wore nice shorts and a nice shirt every night except those nights when we went to Otheheite. Your husband's attire will be fine!

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