Greetings from CTI!!!

We arrived yesterday at Montego Bay. The trip through customs and immigrations was quick and effortless. Upon arrival at the Couples lounge, we encountered the amazing level of customer service that we have come to expect from Couples. Sadly, Ava was not working yesterday, so we did not get to see her.

The trip to CTI was the fastest we have ever had. Just over 1.5 hours. We arrived to a smiling greeting from Byron and we knew we were home again. The place looks great. The renovations are wonderful (though I still have serious issues with that couch in the lobby, we REALLY miss the flowers that used to be there). Unfortunately, the weather here is not so good. The island has been closed for a week, but the weather report say things should improve this weekend. No problem. Island or no island, there is no place that we would rather be.

I will be checking in here most mornings during our stay. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to post them here and I will do my best to respond.