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    Default CSA Wedding 7/31/09!

    It was more than we ever imagined! So romantic and peaceful.

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    Congratulations! You both look really happy! Who did your pix, and what time did u get married?

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    Your pics are beautiful...who did them?

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    Love the color of the dress. Lovely pictures. Diana did a wonderful job which wasn't hard with such a beautiful couple. Congrats!!!

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    Default tons of questions

    Your pictures are beautiful! We will be getting married at CSA in like two weeks and i have tons of questions that i think you may have answers to since you have been there and done it all. Will you please email me I am loosing my mind as time winds down!! Thank you!

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    Default guys look beautiful together and that dress is my favorite color! Congratulations on your new life!

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    Thank you to all! xKirstyx and deemac, Diana Campbell with Digital Memories was our photographer and we were married at 12pm in the afternoon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bcbj View Post
    It was more than we ever imagined! So romantic and peaceful.
    Beautiful pictures and beautiful couple. We are using Diana for our wedding in May. I'm so glad I made the decision to use her for our big day. I have a ton of questions for you. Where were the pictures on the rock by the water taken? Did you use the resort salon for hair and or makeup?

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    Oh my your dress was beautiful. I love the colour and your bouquet as well was amazing. You were a very beautiful bride. Thanks for sharing!!!

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    Wow! absolutely beautiful. I love your bouquet

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