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    Default Wedding Location Question @ CSA

    Has anyone ever chose the "garden" as their location for their wedding at CSA?

    I am interested in seeing pics if possible. The beach appears to be a high traffic area and my fiance is not too thrilled with the appearance of the gazebo.

    Thanks for any input.

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    Hi Ledbetter
    We were married @CSA on 2/27/09 in the garden gazebo. We chose that over the beach because we wanted privacy and it is cooler there and so beautiful. Here is a link to some of my pics. Joy
    If you have any other questions you can email me

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    We were married at CSA on October 23rd. The 7 days we were there I don't know that we saw anyone get married in the garden. There were several weddings during that time on the beach. I believe there were 4 weddings that day we got married which was a Friday.

    The beach has high foot traffic but they close off the area by the wedding while the ceremony is going on. Security Guards stand on either side of the beach (by the ocean) to make sure that no vendors or other guests accidentaly interfere with the ceremony. They do a great job of making sure that none of your pictures will have someone walking by in them.

    I'm not sure what you mean by your fiance' not being thrilled with the look of the gazebo but Couples is more than willing to make your wedding exactly what you want. They will accommodate almost anything that you ask of them, which includes removing any item that you don't like. They even go so far as to rake the sand around the wedding area. They made sure that it was absolutely perfect for my wife and made her "dream wedding" come true.
    Adam & Abby
    CSA October 23rd, 2009

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    Thanks! I'm meeting with a travel agent tomorrow to (hopefully) book our trip...I'm curious, how many people book through couples as opposed to a TA

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    the garden area is beautiful!! we are going to spend out honeymoon there and i will be bringing my tripod to take some photos of us in the garden. all my photos are on one of the other computers but i will try to get them online tomorrow. when we were there before i also thought the garden would be a great wedding location. it is much more private but still very tropical and scenic. they did close off the beach when there was a ceremony but only a some of it. it isn't really like when people get married on the beach in movies. we were probably 10-15 feet from the "isle" they walked down. you can still get photos taken on the beach so it's the best of both worlds.

    btw, we book through the couples website.

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    We were married on the beach at sunset and we didn't mind having others watch us getting married, they were quiet and cheered at the end. The resort did a great job keeping people away; however, controling people in the ocean was an issue. We did have some people in the background that were in the water. Not a huge issue you need to remember that we are all paying to enjoy the same resort (our sunset cost $1000). The garden is beautiful and we had many pictures taken there. We did see one couple getting married there and it was fabulous. The gazebo is larger than what it looks like in the pictures that couples provides. You don't have to stand right inside you can always stand at the opening. At sunset we did run into an issue with bugs (I had a welt the size of a baseball on my back in my photos), wear bug spray at all times especially at dusk. your wedding will be fabulous no matter where you have it. The minister is an absolute sweetheart!

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