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    My husband and I are soooo looking forward to our first Jamaican and Couples experience. We are travelling to Couples Negril on 6th September for two weeks. We will be hoping to spend the majority of our time during the day time going “au naturele” and wondered what drinks are available at the bar on that particular part of the beach. Can you get sparkling wine, or is it just beer and soft drinks?

    Many thanks.


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    any thing you want, its there. Its in the back towards to the bathroom. The bartenders are always great. Make sure you check on them for us as she was pregnant in October.
    Shane and Cathy

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    There is a variety of alcohol and mixers at the AN bar. I suggest that you try some of the local favorite is the dirty banana!

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    Beer and an assortment of mixed and I think blended drinks are available. I believe that wine is also available. If there isn't any there simply ask the staff if it is available and I am sure they would provide it. The staff afterall is there to make your stay a great one and if wine puts a smile on your face consider it there.

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