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    Default CTI Snorkling schedule ?

    Does anyone know what the snorkling times are at CTI ??

    I know from past visits that CSA has it daily at 11 and 3 - but I can't find any mention of the times on the CTI activities list.

    In fact - the CTI activities list does not give any info on the watersports there a list of times etc. for watersports at CTI similar to the CSA listing ?

    Thanks !


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    There is a list of activities around here somewhere.. I'm sure somebody with the link to the scanned document will post it soon..

    But from memory, I believe 11 and 3 are the snorkel times.

    The other things are basically available all day, everyday as long as the weather is cooperating. If it's windy, the catamarans will be out and the trikes might not be, and vice versa.

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    I could never find anything on CTI before we left. We received a schedule when we arrived but I have thrown it away. But while we were there snorkeling was at 11 & 3 (as on the schedule). Scuba was around 9 (as on the schedule)and again after the first snorkel session. I'm not sure if the second scuba time was the normal scuba time because the scuba boat was not working so they used the snorkel/glass bottom boat for everything. Also, we only did watersports one day because of the weather so that may have affected the schedule.
    Catameran was at 3:30
    hope this helps a little.

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    Anyone ??? Is the snorkling daily ?

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    Here is a link to a spread sheet that board member Wally posted a while back showing all the activities at CTI and there times and days. Hope this helps.

    Don & Pat

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    We are here now. Here's is the schedule:

    Snorkeling Clinic: Sun, Mon, Tue, Thu at 10:00 AM

    Snorkeling: Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu at 11:00 AM
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    Thanks very much for posting the schedule !


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