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    Default CSA Garden Verandah Suite Question

    We're heading to CSA for the first time this April. We really wanted a Beachfront Suite but they were not available. There were only Garden, Attrium and Garden Verandah Suites available. We settled on a Garden Verandah Suite. We have been to both CSS and CN many times so we know what to expect from Couples. That's why we come back "home" every year. We're pretty excited on going to CSA and the great beach (CN's beach ain't bad either). I read on another thread that the GVS rooms are in a pretty noisy part of the resort, near the Great House and Patios. How bad is the noise? We never go back to are rooms before midnight usually but I am a little concerned about morning noise from Patios. Any help on this would be appreciated. We could always switch to an Attrium Suite but it doesn't have a mini bar.

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    unless you sleep ON THE PATIO you will not hear's all good that is the room category my wife and I stay in most times.

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    It's not that bad. I've stayed in a GVS in the building right next to the Great House. This was when Patois Patio first opened. I did hear the clanging of the morming prep. I was annoyed, BUT, it still wasn't bad and I would totally stay in that location again. The next time we went, we were in an OVS just one building in front of the GVS. Still right by the Great House. That time I didn't hear anything. So I don't know if they got complaints and made adjustments to their morning activities or what, but I didn't hear anything that second time we stayed by the Great House.

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    We have stayed in the GVS rooms the last two trips to CSA. We were not bothered by any noise.I would request the same catagory next time. We stayed in the second building from Patois.

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    Hi Rjammin,

    We stayed in the Garden VS last year and loved it. We got it b/c of the TV and minibar as well. Our room looked over the koi pond. We weren't next door to Patois, in fact the Ocean VS building next to us was closer to them. People said on other reviews they complained about road noise but honestly I don't remember it and if I did, it didn't bother me at all and I am a very light sleeper! I don't think you will be disappointed!

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    Just request a room that is in the middle of the resort. You won't be by the Great House. If you hear road noise, just shut your bathroom door. You are going to have a blast!

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    We were in a GVS in early December, room 4301, third floor, corner room, second building away from the Great House. We never heard noise from the Great House (Patois or Aura Lounge). We did hear some road noise when we were on a verandah, but really only if we consciously listened for it. Once in a while a loud car might have caught our attention. It was not a problem at all. Inside with the windows closed and air conditioning on, we never heard the road. It never bothered our sleep habits. By the way, we live in a secluded area and all we hear at home, at night, with the windows open are crickets and owls. And I'm a light sleeper. I can easily recommend a Garden Verandah Suite.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    We are staying in a garden verandah suite for our 2nd time in a row. The rooms are the same just closer to the road. I never heard any road noise or noise from patois or the greathouse. We closed all windows and doors at night so nothing would wake us. Even when it stormed one night it was pretty quiet. This was a first floor room. I'd think the upper floors might get more noise though. We requested a bottom floor for the easy access and got what we wanted.

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    Default CSA Garden Verandah Suite Bathrooms

    Do these rooms have regular outlets in the bathrooms for flat irons and such? I could not see them in the pictures that are posted. At CN we had to use the outlets in the bedroom area to get ready. If they don't have then what do I need to buy so they will work in the bathroom? Thanks!

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    Outlets in the bathroom are same as the US. Used my curling iron with no problem.

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    We have booked this style of room for our Dec Vacation. I was curious if anyone has stayed in Building 10 or 11 (2 buildings closest to Patios)which are both Garden Verandah rooms. How is it for noise from Patios and or the pools in front of these buildings? IF these are swimming pools? Or are they fish ponds? We stayed in Building 3, a Garden Bldng at CN and had no road noise issues, even with it being alongside the road. But I am curious if we will hear pool noise or Patios noise in either bldng 10 or 11. I dont think Building 8 or 9 would be any issue? Correct me if I'm wrong or dont need to be concerned.


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