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    Default Tim Air Montego Bay to Ocho Rios


    Curious if anyone has taken Tim Air (or any other air transfer) from Montego Bay airport to Ocho Rios? If so, I have a few questions

    #1 What transportation service did you use?
    #2 How long from the time your plane touched down to the time you arrived in Ocho Rios?
    #3 Was this a positive experience for you? Would you recommend to others?
    #4 Any tips, suggestions, advice?

    Cheers and safe travels,

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    We used to take TimAir a lot to Negril before they fixed the road. The road was sooo bad and the TimAir flight was around $60 pp roundtrip. That was in 2000,2001,2002,2003. We did fly from Mobay to Ocho once when we were staying at Grand Lido Braco but the ride from the airport to Braco was close to an hour so it did not save you that much time. Before they fixed the road from Mobay to Negril that trip used to take over 2 hours and it was awful and the TimAir ride was only 15 minutes.

    They would meet us at the Superclubs desk in the arrivals lounge and escort us over to the TimAir desk and weigh us and our bags and usually they would take us to the plane. The plane was an old Cessna 158 (I think) and it was a fun ride. You landed at the Negril Air strip which had no buildings. It was unlit so you could only fly during daylight.

    The flight from Mobay to Ocho on TimAir was quite a bit more expensive, I do not remember the cost because we only flew that route once.

    Our last TimAir flight was from Negril back to Mobay from Grand Lido Negril because we had a company event at the resort and one of our people died so we had to go to the morgue in Mobay.

    Once the road was finished the TimAir flight did not beat the bus by much and the TimAir flights got much more expensive.

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