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    Default Is it really 24hr food service?

    In the Couples FAQ it states that is has a 24 hour food service, is this true? If we want something to eat or snack at 2 or 3 am, will we be able as we are thinking about booking CSA for our honeymoon?

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    There is a brief window between like 10:30am and 11am and again between like 5:00am and 5:30am when you can't get food. (it's when they are switching from breakfast to lunch and late-night to breakfast) but other than that... you're good anytime of day or night.

    The Cabana grill is open until 5am, and sometimes you've just got to get a plate of jerk at 1am. LOL. Tastes really good.

    It may be a little quiet, and the food may take a little time to prepare (they don't keep it "ready" but make it fresh when you order) but there is definitely food and drink available any time day or night.

    Have a blast!!


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    One of my favourite memories from this past June @ CSA was heading to the Cabana Grill in the middle of the night for a bite to eat. As was mentioned, it can take some time for the food to be prepared for you, but it's Jamaica and you are on vacation. Relax and enjoy!

    And, although we did enjoy heading to the fancier restaurants when we were there, I'm a simple guy who enjoys simple "home style" foods, and the Cabana Grill was right up my alley. PERFECT for the midnight snacker in all of us.

    And being Canadian, we very MUCH enjoyed getting a couple of plates of Jerk Chicken and fries, and heading back to our room to watch the Stanley Cup Finals (hockey).

    It's your vacation, and Couples will go out of there way to make you happy, no matter what it is that MAKES you happy! If that means food @ 3am, so be it!


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    I am going to have to drop some pounds just to break even - I cant wait...I am hungry just thinking about the trip -- hurry may 3rd!
    I want everything!

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