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    Default Medications??

    Has anyone had to take medications with them (prescription or over the counter), and needed a doctors note stating why you are on the medicine? Just curious if I need to get that before we leave in 33 days

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    Just bring them in the bottles they came in, and you're ok.

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    Nope, never needed a doctors note. Just make sure any prescription medications are in your name in case they do get checked. When going through customs you won't need to declare anything so chances are they won't get checked anyway.
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    I have always taken my medications with me and I have never needed a MD note just make sure they are in the original labeled container. I also keep them in my carry on or purse.

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    my hubby takes meds at least he did last time and nobody asked us anything...

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    You would only have a problem if it is a narcotic. Just keep your meds in the original prescription container and you should have no problems.

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    I’m diabetic and I never have had any problems traveling to Jamaica. A TSA agent told me to make sure I take all medications out of my carry on and set separate in the tray when going through screening. Also, make sure all your prescription drugs are in their original containers that have the prescription data. A note from your doctor should not be necessary

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    We've gone to Jamaica twice and had no problems with either prescription or over-the-counter medications. We've been told that it's important they be transported in their original containers which identifies the medication and, if prescription, the person that will be taking them. Do not declare prescription medications on your custom form. We did the first time, being naive, and were told they weren't worried about the prescription kind of "drugs". Have a great trip!

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    Hi Pacific!

    I take a couple different prescriptions on a daily basis. I put them in my purse in their original bottles and no had no issues whatsoever.
    Have a great time!!!

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    I think the only trouble you'd have is if they were injectible, like insulin or something like that. If they're plain old pills in pharmacy bottles, you're fine.

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    Thanks everyone. That makes me feel much better knowing I dont have to go to the doctor just to get a note to travel there. This is our first trip to Jamaica and to Couples, we cant wait, only 32 more wake ups until we start our journey. We are so excited. Thanks again!

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    We went in November and I had to bring narcodics. I had everything in the original pharmacy bottles with my name, in a ziplock bag, so they were all together and I didn't have a problem. Good Luck!

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    I had a liquid RX over 4 oz and always showed a copy of the RX at security so I could have it in my carryon

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    Never had a problem with them in all our trips. Never been asked about them or any thing.
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    Default Doctor's Note

    Hi! I was instructed to get a doctor's note the 4 times I traveled since starting on an injectable Rx for MS. So far, I have never needed to show this note to anyone. Made me a bit uneasy how they watched the syringes go through the x-ray and didn't even ask me about them You should be fine! Have a great trip!

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