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    Default FINALLY!! I get to come home to CN!!!

    We have had to wait to return since 2007 for various reasons. This will be our third time staying at CN. Does anyone know if we will qualify for any goodies since it's been three years?

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    Try hitting up Seandymon for that info. <>
    He's way helpful. Congrats! When U going? Me and the wife are looking at end of April(ish). Hope you have an amazing time! MuCh LoVe!

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    Oh,how lucky we guests of CN are..We are also looking forward to going home on April 10th.

    I think you qualify..I think it is a five year period but I am not positive..Hope others can clarify this for you.

    CN..Couples Negrl..The resort that is at the top of the ladder and the resort other resorts hope to equal
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    YAY!! You get to come home, how wonderful. The rewards program was extended to 5 years now instead of 2, so you get all your goodies as a repeater.

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    We will be at CN from 4/18 - 4/25.

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