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    Default Arriving January 31st

    Our first trip to Couples and first in many years to Jamaica can't wait am very psyched!

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    Default arriving Jan 30

    We are arriving Jan 30 to Feb 7 our 4th trip back...counting the hours...Traveling with another couple who got us hooked, their 6th or 7th trip, I lost count. Hope to meet up with you poolside or beach.. We are from NJ, where are you traveling from?

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    We are from NJ also! Looking so forward to this trip as I had back surgery in October and need a nice relaxing vacation, this will be our first all inclusive ever!

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    Wow--where in Jersey? We must meet up. My husband is 6'2, with mustache--will probably have a hat on at the beach. We are early 50's. I'm a blonde--what can I say. We travel with another couple same age. If you see two women reading on the beach, with our red flag--that is a must--(for the drinks) that's probably us, My husband is usually under a tree somewhere reading . You can shout out Desi...not to many of us around lol Looking forward to meeting you.

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    Hi Desi, we are about 2 miles from Giant stadium, yes we will look for you . I am about 5'9" dark hair, my wife is about 5"1" and has crazy pokey red hair sticking up everywhere (cut that way on purpose) looks like she is at the gym two hours a day because she is! We will be the ones always walking the beach at the waters edge as I have adult ADD and can't just lay around so we walk and walk and walk!!! We are mid 50s also, I have a Harley Tattoo on my left arm and my wife has big tattoo across here lower back and another on her upper back behind her right shoulder with all butterflies and pixies all on vines, yeah you will not miss us! Ohh her name is Donna and I am Pete.

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    Alrighty then, it's a plan. The friend we travel with he doesn't like to sit around to much and is on the go too. Just a few more days until we can do the single digit dance!! See you there, my husband's name is Glenn. Safe travel

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    Default We'll be there!

    We'll be flying in from Toronto on the 31st. 2nd time to CN 5th to Couples. Can't wait!

    Kim and Brett

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    OK hope to see all of you in that great sunshine.

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    Hi Kim and Brett---we'll be looking for you...Safe flight. Hey we can do the single digit dance today!!! We'll be there on the 30th Everthing is Ire!!

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    Hey desinj hope you enjoyed your stay as much as we did, never did meet as there were many red flags up on the beach so I did not know who you were. Any way you probably got to see me helping the ladies from the stage at the fashion show, my wife was in it also she was the one they refeered to as Spike!

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