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    Default Rudi - New Tings?

    Did I miss Rudi's New Tings report for this year? I love her updates! Anyone want to step in and let us know all of the changes from last year. I know about the pool and Cassana Restaurant (however it is spelled) and heard something about building 2. Are they redoing the rooms again?
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    Hello: just letting you know - your thread is under the “meet up” heading under CN - where folks post which month they are coming. I hope you will post under the main board heading, because I too would love to hear some trip reports and updates. It gets me through until my husband and I can return in summer.

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    So we got back from Cn about 3 weeks ago and here are some of the changes that we saw.

    The that was once the internet café, is now the photography shop. Yes, We walked in there and were shocked not to see the computers. They have reduced the computers to two for guests to use and they are in the game room. The room that has the pool table, T.V and popcorn machine.

    We stayed in building two this year and the bathroom are redone with the standup showers which is nice. Not sure if this is new or not as we usually stay in Building one, but the cement on the steps and floors is a kinder material (Smoother) to bare feet

    We noticed that in the lobby some of the chairs have been changed out with a different style. These are the changes that we noticed while there. I'm sure there are probably more, but we were having to much fun laying in the hammock on the beach or out playing in the water.

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    testing my post. We did post a report. It didn't show. Replied to this thread, it didn't show. Tried again, same. Not sure why posts are not making it through.

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