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    Default 1st visit to Jamaica & CSS

    We are traveling to CSS on the 8th Feb for 2 weeks, it's our 1st. visit to Jamaica. After reading the Couples message board we are starting to feel old. We married at Couples St.Lucia 19 years ago and now seems we have been missing out. Over the years we have done the Riu Palaces many,many times and we have just returned from Sensatori Mexico, must say can't wait, looking forward to it very much. Only sad thing is we have no idea what kind of room we have booked, would love a balcony does anybody know the cost of upgrades.

    Brian and Joyce

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    Welcome to your new family...Your new family of Couples.

    Oh man!! How I do envy you..Going to CSS for the very first time!!!

    CSS to me is Couples most romantic and beautiful resort..Each step gives another beautiful scene.

    CSS's GM Pierre Battalgia has put together a world class staff that loves to please and spoil you..So let them.

    GO.RELAX.ENJOY CSS and have a Salty Dog for me..Ruff Ruff
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    You've made a great choice with CSS, if you're feeling old it will make you feel young again.

    We like the Beachfront Jacuzzi rooms because they are centrally located and near the beaches, but others prefer the more dramatic views from the cliffside rooms. Call your travel agent and have them clarify your room selection for you.

    Be sure to have a romantic dinner at Bella Vista, right on the beach. And since you will be there for 2 weeks you might also consider taking some off - resort excursions, the scenery in the hills around Ocho Rios is quite breathtaking. You can explore all of your options at the tour desk.

    Take the resort's orientation tour, you will learn a lot about CSS by doing so. There are lots of hidden places to discover, a beautiful hillside spa, and a wonderful staff that will pamper you. You can also visit CTI for a day with the trading places program. Enjoy your stay at CSS.

    Most importantly, bring pens to fill out your immigration forms at the airport. The sooner you can get to the Couples Lounge, the quicker you'll be in paradise.
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    You will love CSS.

    The buildings at Couples are not shiny marble structures, but the staff and Jamaica are our favorite.

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    As far as the balcony goes, there is only one category of rooms that does not have a balcony. I think they total about six rooms in one block. So the odds are pretty good that you already have a balcony. If you do happen to be in one of those rooms, they're quite accomodating about changing rooms, provided there are rooms available.

    I agree that a balcony is a great asset, but in the worst-case scenario, the rooms without a balcony have large, numerous windows and a great location.

    You could call the resort directly to inquire, but unless it's a dealbreaker, I might suggest waiting so that you can see exactly what rooms are available. The way the resort is set up, every type has advantages and disadvantages (some things being more important to different couples). It's a little hard to describe until you've actually been there.

    I hope you have a fantastic vacation, and I'm incredibly jealous!

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    Why do you feel old? We've been married for 23 years - you should feel proud!

    Or do you feel old because you do not remember what type of room you booked?

    We booked one bedroom ocean view balcony - they have several names so it is confusing. I would suggest you request building E - we had a fantastic room with a full ocean view.
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    Just to give you realistic expectations of Couples vs the Riu Palace. Couples is not glitz and glamour, it is more of an understated relaxed Caribbean Elegance. In our opinion, the food is superior, the service is superior,the inclusions FAR superior, and the drinks superior, but the rooms although I love the rooms at CSS are not in the same category as the Palace, having said that, I have returned to Couples this will be the 4th trip, and I have not returned to the Palace.

    Have a wonderful trip!

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    amen to that!!!!

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    there are only eight rooms at CSS without a balcony. I think it's unlikely that you will end up with one of those as there are 150 rooms.

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