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    Default CSA DEC 2010 Booked and Counting Down

    Well we found a way to give CSA a Go! Use the Couples Website! We just returned in Dec from our first trip to Couples, CN! And it was amazing! Blew us away and met/exceeded all of our expectations! We became hooked on Couples and Negril.
    We had a hard time choosing between CSA and CN the first time. CN came out on top due to the TV/mini bar plus the cost from Canada has CSA being alot more. But now thru the LoveAway and doin our own flights we are able to book again at Couples and specifically CSA. So now we will get to see why all the CSA fans rave as much as the CN Fans rave about "their" resorts!
    We are lookin forward to enjoying CSA and having it blow our minds as much as CN did! And when that happens I just know we are goin to have to find a way to visit both CN and CSA every year instead of every other!
    Heres to Dec 2010 and CSA! Couples Rocks!

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    You're about to endure the longest 11 months of your life will seem like Dec2010 will never arrive ! But when it does -----YA_HOO !!!

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    Awesome! You are going to love CSA. It's great to have a trip booked. It gives you something to look forward to. CSA ROCKS!

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