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    Default CSA June 17th-23rd

    We will be there, just booked today! Getting married on the 19th. Would love to hear from others that will be there when we are.

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    Default Just missed you!!!

    Sorry we are going to miss you as we will be ariving on the 24th but best of luck on the impending ceremony!!! You will love it.

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    We'll be there the June 21-28th! so excited

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    We just miss you. 8th -16th. Have you found the "TEAM JUNE 2010" thread yet? It list a bunch of us with some pics of whoes going and when. Add your name!!!!!! 87 days and counting

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    We will be there the 19th - 24th! Seems like forever away! Can't wait. You will love it!!

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    We will see you then sweptawayjunkie!!! I think we are down to 95 days til we leave! Getting there

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    We will be there on the 14-23rd so see you there!!!

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    We are there from 13th - 20th... from Florida... See ya there!

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