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    Default CN Dress Code - Men's Shoes

    Hi there,

    I am trying to wrap my head around 'Resort Casual' attire.

    At CN restaurants (other than Otaheite), can my husband wear running shoes (dark coloured, new and clean) if he has on golf shorts and a short sleeved polo?

    Also, if he switches out the golf shorts for slacks and the running shoes for dress shoes, can he still wear the short sleeved polo to Otaheite?

    We are trying to find a balance between comfort and appropriate attire.

    Thanks in advance!

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    For dinner, you can wear any shoes, including sandals, to any of the restaurants, except Otaheite. Otaheite requires closed-toe shoes for men, and running shoes count. You can wear the same shirt to Otaheite, polos included, as any other restaurant, but you must wear long pants. The only thing I do different at Otaheite is the pants and shoes, because at the other restaurants, I wear shorts and sandals to dinner.
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    He can wear nice sandals in the evening if you are not eating at Otaheite, only there do you need close toed shoes. And a polo shirt is also fine. What Jeff has found that he likes to wear, as they are cool are Hawaiian style shirts that don't need to be tucked in. Linen also works very nicely. And no need to have a change of clothes for every night. You aren't in your clothes that long and they don't get dirty. We always plan to wear our outfits 2 times in the evenings. Helps to reduce packing. Slacks/shorts can also be worn more than 2 times. If you get desperate they will do laundry for you.
    There also isn't a lot of need for day clothes as you will find that most of your day is spent in your swimsuit. No need to bring shorts and t-shirts for every day. The only time you would need them is if you went off property. But do bring several swimsuits as they tend to dry slowly and get a bit rank. A little bit of laundry soap to help rinse out your suits is a good idea. You can always use shampoo if you want, but it suds a lot.
    Hope this helps!
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    You will not have a problem with any of this. (Next January is our 14th trip, so we have some experience). It is a good idea to dress a bit above the minimum so you feel comfortable being there, but what you've described fits this to a tee. Go and enjoy!!!

    January can't come soon enough for us.

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    My two Jamaican cents,

    Running shoes are fine. I think a dress shirt is more appropriate for Otaheite.

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    Resort casual includes golf shorts and a polo or tropical shirt and shoes (can be sandals, shoes or even running shoes) and is appropriate for all but the Otaheite restaurant. That restaurant requires slacks, a collared shirt and close-toed shoes. The resort dress for dinner is mainly resort casual so it's best not too briing too much other (up scale) clothing. I typically bring one pair of slacks and closed-toed shoes and the rest are golf shorts polo or tropical shirts and sandals to wear for dinner and haven't had any problems .

    You're welcome!

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