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    Default Who is Eligible to attend the Repeaters Dinner?

    We stayed at CSA for 6 nights in 2010. Our Romance Rewards Points have since expired and we are booked to go to CSS this December for my 50th Birthday. I was wondering if we are eligible to attend the Repeaters Dinner which I believe is on a Wed. at CSS, which will be on my actual birthday!!

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    Your points drop off after four years, but once a Repeater, always a Repeater. Just make sure and pre-check-in through the site, and you will get an invite.
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    Anyone who has previously stayed at any Couples resort qualifies as a repeater. It doesn't matter if your Romance Rewards points have expired. Assuming you enrolled in the Romance Rewards program as you say your points have expired. When you are at the CSS front desk tell them the approximate date the last time you were at Couples, any resort. They should be able to look you up in their system. You may already be flagged as a repeater. You should receive your invite to the Repeaters Dinner within a day or so. An RSVP is required.

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    Yes, you are eligible. That's the one perk that never goes away.
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    Of course!
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    A "Repeater" is one who has stayed at a Couples Resort before. Romance rewards may expire but once you've stayed at a Couples Resort. .you're a repeater for life! Make sure to note that you're a Repeater at check-in and you'll get an invitation to attend the dinner. Hope you enjoy your special birthday dinner!

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    It sounds like you opened your Romance Rewards account, so just tell them at check-in that you are a repeater and you will be invited. Enjoy!

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    You should still have the repeater status. You can check your status online or call them. Michelle Gordon is the lady you will need to check with:

    Michelle Gordon []

    Hope this helps!

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