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    Default Bring used clothing with me to give away????

    We are headed to CSS in just 10 days. This will be our 3rd trip to CSS and our 11th trip to Jamaica. To say we love the island is an understatement.

    I just did some serious "spring cleaning" and as such, I have a good amount of gently used clothing that I was thinking about bringing and wondered if it is a good idea? If I do, where do I take it? Does CSS have a way to find a home for it?

    Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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    Yes after our very first trip to Couples-we are now working on our 17th return this summer but and getting to know the awesome staff, we always travel with a full check in bag of just strickly donations for the staff. Such items include clothes, shoes, school supplies and other misc items that we are barely used/ brand new even some items with with tags still on it because they are so appreciative with anything we donate or give them since we aren't really allowed to give them cash tips.

    They especially liked kids clothes or items which was nice for us when our kids were little but our kids are now approaching teen years so we really don't have toddler items to donate anymore but many of the staff loved that we gave then kids items that they could definitely use for their own kids ORknew people who needed them. Any items you do decide give to the staff, you just need to write a note listing the items you are giving and sign it so they can present that to their supervisors if they are questioned why they those items.

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    I prefer to bring school supplies, myself. Paperback dictionaries (cheap at your local dollar store), children's books, art supplies, etc. The front desk of the resorts will see to it that these are distributed to their local adopted school program(s).

    The bonus of doing this is that you will have room in your bags for coffee, sauces, souvenirs and other "goodies" on the way home!

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