Well, we are heading back to Jamaica for our third trip. We went to CSA last year and two years before that. Before that we had traveled to St. Martin, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Puerto Rico and Antiqua (the nicest of them). We decided to try something different, this time. We have enjoyed out time at CSA and LOVE the beach and realize that we just might be dissapointed with that. But we are figuring that the secluded cove that the resort sits on will be a nice change of pace. Although I know we will miss our daily walks to the left and to the right. We have always thought that we would never visit the same place twice, but we loved CSA and felt it to be the kind of get away from winter that we were looking for. And the price was so easy compared to all the other all inclusive resorts on other islands, we went twice. And we did the trading places at Negril and learned that it was not exactly what we wanted for something different. For us it was the great beach without the openess (and in reality it was pretty busy, to us) and in our walking we did not like the big resorts to either side and did NOT like the litter on the undeveloped shoreline. So knowing that the beaches were different on the Ocho side we went with Sans Souci and we are looking forward to it and have a loooooong way to go, Jan 30. We made reservations for the penthouse suites. Are there any suggestions for a first time visitor who wants to explore all that is available at the resort? We will be doing the trading places with CTI so that we can see the other Ocho resort. I guess we just would like some info to make our looking forward to our far away trip even more to look forward to. We were able to take advantage of the $500 resort credit and combined with our third time repeaters perks we will be able to have a vacation utilizing spa services and the gift shop to the max. (thank you, Couples!) Seemed like a great chance to be able to check out a different part of the island and the sites to see. Any recommendations would be welcomed. Also, as a newbie to the resort, any recommendation to where we should dine would be welcomed. We loved the dining options at CSA. But look forward to checking out what looks to be a place that offers quite a bit of recent history by staying in a resort from the heyday of Jamaica as it was. And we are so pleased that Jamaica remains such a welcoming place. Well, I guess I was just writing to say we are so pleased to be able to have the definative knowledge that we will indeed be back at Couples this winter! We have done the other standard all inclusives and Couples is just above and beyond those. For the money we find it to be just what a winter get away should be. So since Negril seems to be the overwhelming postings on this site we would really appreciate any and all input about our "home" January 2010. Thanks!