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    Default Early arrival at Mo Bay, where to stay

    When my wife and I come on Feb 20, by the time we get to CN it will be 5:30ish pm. I am thinking about coming in a day earlier and spend the night in Mo Bay (cheap but clean). Any suggestion? I thought this was on the MB somewhere, but I search and couldn't find it.

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    We have stayed a few times at a GREAT bed and breakfast 5 minutes away from the airport. Photos and reviews are also available on and everyone had agreat experience there. I can email you if interested

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    We're doing the same thing and have reservations at Toby's Resort which is 1 mile from the airport. Pretty good reviews and a great price.

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    We have stayed at Toby's. Simple, clean with nice staff. $10 US cab from airport. In fact we will be staying there two nights mid February prior to our stay at Couples. A good transfer option if you do not want to go back the busy airport to await for Couples Van is to contact Greg at Reggae-tours for a transfer (private) for $70. They will come straight to Toby's w/ a no hassle ride to Negril.

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    Thanks for the Toby's but how difficult is it to get back for the couples free ride to CN?? How do I arrange this with couples?? Trying to make this as cheap as I can. Hotel, cab over, cab back, tips, it starts adding up to almost the price of a night at CN!!??

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    Someone suggested to someone else that they catch the bus to CN and stay the night that end. It certainly seems to cut out all the issues with getting the bus the next day. I'm sure there are plenty of place in Negril.

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    SEE...See how wonderful and powerful this message board is?
    Strangers seeking advice and help and getting it from strangers.
    NO other resort,except Couples,can or is willing to do this.

    The Couples Resorts..The resort that starts pleasing their guests way before they arrive and a long time after they have departed.
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    Just go to the Couples Lounge when you arrive and let them know of your plans. You can't get into the Couples Lounge the next day, but they will let you know where to go so they can "pick you up". No problem. It's done all the time.

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