Hi CSA guests,

My fiance and I think we are about to book our honeymoon to CSA and are excited. We just had some concerns and wanted some honest feedback sooner rather than later.

First, neither of us have been to Jamaica (though I've traveled a good bit outside US), but we have heard stories. We understand there are places that are sketchy. However, we are only going to stay with CSA Resort and not touring Jamaica. My question is, once we land and take the shuttle to CSA, has anyone experienced people haggling or soliciting to you while you wait for your bus at the A/P? Is it safe? Has anyone tried to take your luggage and load it on the bus for you despite that you never asked for the help? Or does the CSA driver help with luggage as complimentary? Just curious...

Also, is the beach pretty exclusive to CSA guests only? A friend of mine stayed at another resort in Jamaica and said she would be sunbathing on the beach and locals would randomly walk up to her trying to sell her aloe or even pot. Does CSA security keep the beaches safe and under control in that stand point or will that be something for us to think about?

Finally, I'm all about au-natural and trust me, I've seen it in Barcelona, but does CSA try to keep a handle on beach nudity? We're not really interested in this, but willing to accept it if it is sporadic at this resort. Any thoughts?

Thanks guys! We are about to make a decision soon, so we would love to hear back any insight you might have!