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    Hello fellow island fans,

    I have a strange question for you CSA veterans (I have only been to CN dec 2009). We just booked our second trip (April 2010) to a couples this time we decided on CSA and an Atrium Suite. We like the looks of the large deck on open windows. I really enjoy a cigar and a drink while my significant other is getting ready for dinner. So my question is what suggestions do you have for having drinks in the room. Should I buy a bottle of run from the hotel, and if so is there a way to get bottled pop? When we were at CN they would basically try to accommodate us in any way, but they didn't have the different Inclusive levels per room like CSA. (I.e. no mini bars)

    This by no means is a complaint; I am sure I can just walk to the nearest bar and get a drink. Just looking for ideas, as I have learned a lot from all of you.


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    We LOVE the Atrium Suites, but also like to have diet soda and bottled water available at all times. We solve the problem by using a soft sided cooler as a carry on. We then make a trip to the local grocery store to stock up on diet coke,bottled water, and red stripe. Fill the cooler with ice every morning from the bins behind the verandah suites. Problem solved. You can also buy your rum at the grocery store. There's a little convenience type grocery store right across the street from the Great House, you could just get your supplies there if you dont want to make the trip downtown to the grocery store. I myself like shopping at the local Value Master grocery store, I like to see the local products,usually also buy some spices and coffee to bring home. Good prices there too.
    Have a great trip! Hope you enjoy CSA and the Atrium Suites as much as we do.

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    Go Beachfront Atrium! You won't be disappointed

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    I'm the same way and used our gift shop credit for rum and bought bottled soda across the street at the store mshell mentioned while staying in an Atrium. A 20oz bottle of Pepsi is about $1US at the store across the street. You can also buy rum there if you don't like the prices in the CSA gift store, but I don't think they carried as high quality. Unfortuantely, the only Coke proucts I saw were diet.

    The Atriums are great. You'll love the huge veranda, and I have a hunch they will have mini bars soon.

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    My SO also enjoys a drink before dinner on the veranda. The beach bars close at 6:30 at CSA. We bring back a glass of ice + late in the day. The Sports Bar/Sports Complex also has various sports/non alcoholic drinks.(smoothies) The Atriums are the best!

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    Thanks Jamacain_me_crazy
    I am in the process of booking and was about to ask the same question. I love the look of the Atrium Suites and I love the huge varanda but we like a drink on the balcony before dinner also.
    Is it cheaper to buy Rum, Vodka etc in Jamaica or in duty free at the airport? We're coming in from England (not sure if that makes a diference?)
    Thanks everyone x

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    You can't buy from the duty free at the airport at MoBay on the way in... but you probably can from your departure point. Otherwise, there are a number of small "duty-free" shops on the beach near SweptAway (Cosmo's comes to mind) where you can buy a bottle of rum... or you can do the same at the gift shop at the resort.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    We had always stayed in a room with a minibar before and on our last trip to CTI, we stayed in an OceanView. Didn't want to pay the $$ for the suite just for a minibar. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised how little I missed it. What I missed more than anything was having a cool Ting in the evening while getting ready. No big deal... i just sent DH to the bar to get one for me. LOL.

    This next trip to CSA we are booked in an Atrium for an extra night -- 8 instead of 7. We'll see if we can handle not being on the beach.

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    I have only been to Jamaica twice but I have never found Rum/Vodka/whiskey/Rum Cream cheaper than the duty free in the airport. Unfortunately you will not be able to get to the duty free until you are through security on your way home.(If you were thinking of buying a bottle for your suite)

    Last time we were in Negril (Dec2009) we went to a duty free gated mall, here you were able to barter for your RUM but you still pay a couple $'s more.


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    One last question on this topic...

    At CN they have a self serve bar by the beach(a few bottles and a soda machine) does CSA have the same thing?

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    We do the soft cooler thing too, it works well for us. We love the atriums. We also love grocery shopping in foreign countries, so keeping it stocked for ourselves is no problem.
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    I agree with janeyb the Atriums are the best. We always stay in one at CSA and never have problems with lack of a mini bar. We collect a couple of glasses of sparkling wine from the Palms bar to drink on our balcony before dinner, and on our way back to our room after dinner, my husband picks up a glass of rum. By that time, I'm drinking water(!) and that is provided by housekeeping in a carafe in our room.

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    Hello Folks
    Ive seen on threads that there are Beachfront Atrium suites. Is this correct? And if so Is this a room option that you select or is it just the luck of how they are assigned by the resort? We have booked an Atrium suite for the first week of march and was just wondering if was a possibility that we might get one.

    Trevor & Heather

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    No there are not Beachfront Atrium Suites but there are a few Atrium Suites with a ocean view from the terrace. There was a soda machine at the Cabana Grill. The location of the Atrium Suites vary greatly. Our room was very close to the Beachfront bar, less then 1 minute walk to the bar if we wanted a drink. My husband and I also love the Atrium Suites and he did enjoy his nightly cigar on our terrace.

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