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    Default Still trying to decide betwen CTI & CSS... can we really go wrong?!?!

    Hey everyone. We're still trying to decide if we should book our honeymoon in July at CTI or CSS. I have read a bunch of the reviews for each on here, so I guess my only question is: Which would you choose? Can I really go wrong with either choice?

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    You can't go wrong with either choice! (But we'd pick CTI )
    I'd be happy to share our pictures of both if that would help (
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    Your answer is in the very question you posted. How can you possibly go wrong with either selection.

    As you stated, you've read the many reviews, and of course that means lots of pro-CTI and pro-CSS opinions. What you need to do now is look at what each resort has to offer that perhaps the other one doesn't (for example, CTI has more inclusive activities and has recently gone thru a $30M refurbishment, CSS is universally rated as the most lush and scenic of the four properties), then rate what is most important to you. Sooner or later, one of them is going to keep drawing you back for whatever reasons. That will determine your selection.

    Whichever you choose, no regrets and have the time of your life.

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    WOW..What a decision you two have to make!!
    We have been to both and love both..Yes sir,we love CTI and CSS but each one is different..Man,what would I do?I probably would choose CSS and then second guess myself..LOL...No,I would indeed go to CSS then book CTI for the next visit.

    Hey,I did not help you at all but I had fun..LOL
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    Default CTI v. CSS

    We're heading back to CTI for the third time (March 14-21). The last time we were in Jamaica, we spent 7 days at CTI, 3 at CSS.

    The grounds and landscaping at CSS are beautiful, but you are going to walk up and down a LOT of stairs.

    CSS seemed more quiet, secluded and laid back--a good place to go if you are not wanting to socialize much. We're not HUGE social butterflies, but we found CTI a lot more conducive to meeting others--if only just to chat and share our impressions of how much we LOVE Jamaica.

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