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    Default prayers for Haiti

    all of our thoughts and prayers for the people of Haiti in their time of trial. GOD BLESS THEM

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    What a sad situation in Haiti. Please donate to the Red Cross to help with the relief efforts. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people affected.
    Were the tremors felt at any of the Couples resorts? Any damage to the island of Jamaica?

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    Haiti greatly needs our prayers and support. Also, pray for the missionaries who are there.

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    All of our prayers and hopes for a full recovery for the people of Haiti.

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    We felt nothing here in Negril.
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    Let me be the third Wisconsinite on this board to offer prayers and condolences to the Haitian people. I'm actively searching for an opportunity to get my boots on the ground there to apply my skills in any way possible... money is desparately needed, but I'm sure action is vital, also...

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    Prayers look to indeed be needed. Just saw a report on MSNBC that stated all hospitals have been destroyed or abandoned in the capital

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    Prayers and blessings to the people of Haiti. It truly is amazing how blessed my life is! I cannot even imagine what it must be like. I can't even imagine. . . .

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    My thoughts and prayers are with all of them during this difficult time. So sad . . . .

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    Just watching on TV - truely dreadful

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    My husbands best friends GF is from Haiti not sure if she has talked to her family or not but prayers go out to them all!

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    The people of Haiti are on our thoughts and prayers.

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    our thoughts and prayers go out to all on in Haiti.


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    It's times like this that we realize that our troubles are so small.. I'm so sorry for those affected by this. My heartfelt prayers (also from WI) are being sent that way!

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    More prayers from WI for our neighbors in Haiti. From our lips to God's ears. I can't even grasp how desperate the survivors must be feeling. God's blessing to them all.

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