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    Default 4 days to go!!! (a couple questions)

    Only 4 days left of work and then we are on our way to CN! We cannot wait but as I'm getting my stuff together I wanted to ask a question.

    Do they provide towels for the beach and pools?
    Do they have both shampoo and conditioner?
    do they have a hair dryer in the rooms?

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    Dear TK-
    I know how excited you are. You are in for the time of your life. We leave in 18 days for our 4th trip home. Counting the minutes. Yes, pool and beach towels are provided, toilitries and hair dryer are too! All the comforts of home and more!! Enjoy!!!

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    yes for all. and robes too. have fun

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    The answer to all your questions is Yes! I still prefer my own conditioner

    Have a great trip and enjoy!

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    There are towels in each room, and in addition clean and dry beach towels are available for exchange every day on the beach.

    I think that there was shampoo and conditioner (but I always pack my own). One of the gift shops also sells some brands if you don't want to pack yours.

    Each room also has a hairdryer.


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    Yes.. there will be towels on your bed for the beach. Trade them in, for clean ones, every day at a table on the beach.

    Plenty of shampoo.. bring your own conditioner.

    They have hair dryers in the suites.. not sure about the other rooms. I'm sure they do.

    Have a great time.. You'll love it!!

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    Have fun at CN....I'm jealous, wish we could go back again right now.

    Yes they provide towels for the beach and pool.
    Yes there is shampoo but no conditioner
    Yes there is a hair dryer

    Your first trip will be magical I'm sure. Enjoy.

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    1. You get a towel per person in your room upon check in. You can exchange this daily for a clean, dry towel.
    2. They have "conditioning shampoo". Not separate items. IMHO, it's not conditioning enough to avoid a need for conditioner (my hair is thick, long and curly) and the shampoo is not "strong" enough to get the salt water out of my hair. I would bring both.
    3. Yes, they do, however it's a hotel-style blow dryer. (Read: not very powerful.) I usually bring my own. (Again, thick, long, curly hair.) Depending on your hair, they dryer they provide may be sufficient.

    Have a fantastic trip!!


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    Yes to all but definitely bring your own conditioner!


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    Yes, it's a combo shampoo/conditioner, and yes! Have fun.

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