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    We've been to CSA for the past two years and love it but are thinking of trying CSS. Can anyone make any suggestions or reccomendations that will help us make our decision.

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    While I have not been to CSA, I had been to CN three times and decided to try CSS this past September.I was hesitant as I just love Negril. My advice is that if CSS appeals to you... GO! CSS is amazing, beautiful, romantic,and simply fantastic. The staff and service were top notch. It is so different from Negril but so wonderful. I did not think I could find a resort that I loved as much as CN but now I love CSS just as much!! Enjoy!

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    If you will miss the beach a lot, you might consider CSA again. CSS was pretty, Dunn's River was very fun, but we missed the beach too much.

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    Here's a quick description of CSS: the newest to the Couples resort, but not the newest built. It used to be a Grand Lido then Couples bought it. The beach is smaller than those in Negril but it's completely private. Separate beach for nude sunbathing. Resort is spread out and built on cliffs. It's split into 3 different levels, lots of steps throughout. Lots of foliage and hidden spots. Does not offer a catamaran cruise. 3 restaurants but full menu room service. All rooms are suites with mini bars. Rooms are more hotel like as far as the decor.

    The only way to really know if you'll like CSS is to try it out. The one piece of advice I can give you if you try CSS, as someone who has been to them all, don't expect it to be like CSA at all. They are both fantastic, but they are both very unique. Of course, that goes for all of the Couples. We tried CTI first, then CN, then CSS, then CSA. If you expect any of them to be like another, you could be disappointed.

    I say go for it!
    Amy Welch...Woooohoooo!!
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    Oh,how I can help you.
    I highly recommend CSS over CSA..CSS is the most romantic and beautiful of the four Couples resorts.

    CSS's GM Pierre Battalgia has put together a world class staff that loves to please and spoil you.

    GO.RELAX.ENJOY CSS and have a Salty Dog for me..Ruff Ruff
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    You should definitely try CSS. You won't know if you like it better unless you try it. From what I have read it is supposed to be lush, gorgeous and hugely romantic. Go for it.

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    Wife and I have been to both and loved them. CSA has the most incredible beach...CSS does not. CSS is old world class/charm on the cliffs and CSA is classic Caribbean spread out in wonderful foliage.

    If your inclined for adventure try it...we liked it but prefer CSA.

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