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    Default Attn: Yamon from the Original MB

    Try registering your name now. It looks like the people who registered your user name from the old MB might have changed it to something else. Good luck. Hope you read this and can successfully register your user name before someone else adopts it.
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    I was glad to read this. I know I was bummed out about yamon losing his moniker. Yamon hurry up and get it back! Cheers to yamon2 for giving it up!

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    Honestly, we did not meant to cause all of this ire. I hope that Yamon is now at peace. But I especially hope that everyone that got so upset over this can now sleep at night.

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    Hello everyone,

    I need to take responsibility for this whole confusion. No one did anything maliciously, and it is my fault for not reserving names from the old board for the new board. It was an oversight on our end.

    So, that being said, I appreciate everyone's understanding and I hope everyone that was bummed, bothered or annoyed at the situation will move on and show some Couples Love to each other! We are working out all the kinks on the new MB, and this was one of them!

    Thanks Y'all!
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    Seandyman, since you have access to all of our e-mail addresses, why not drop Yamon a line and let him know that he can now register under the same name that he used on the old MB in the event that he's not reading the MB right now. I'm sure he'd appreciate the heads up.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    Phew! I'm glad that's settled. So I'm guessing there was an backlash lol! People here sure are nothing if not passionate ha ha.

    We had just assumed it was inadvertent on yamon(2)'s part. I just know it's a good user name.

    So are the old user names of those who have not yet signed up protected now?

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