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    Default Romance Rewards...

    We have been Romance Rewards members since the program's inception. Back then, and as recently as a few years ago, it was a use ' em or lose ' em proposition. Nights would expire after, I believe, 24 months with no program activity.

    Due to life happenings over the last few years, we were not able to return to Swept Away in 2014 or in 2016. However, over the years when life want getting in the way, we have been blessed with the wherewithal to return 14 times, most of those visits being after the inception of Romance Rewards. Our last visit home was in late April of 2015, however, our account shows activity for June 1, 2016... not sure if this was because of nights falling off our account or because of a day pass we purchased that week.

    We've now scheduled a return to Swept Away for late October of this year. When we booked, we included our RW number, etc. But now I have looked at the Romance Rewards and I've noticed a couple things. First, I've noted a new category for more than 50 nights. Second, however, I'm not seeing anything in the T's & C's about if our when nights expire.

    So my question...

    Will the 15 nights currently shown in our account still be there when we arrive in late October? Or will we lose more nights when June 1 rolls around?

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    Your Romance Rewards do not expire for 4 years.
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    Default should never expire

    Quote Originally Posted by JEANNEW View Post
    Your Romance Rewards do not expire for 4 years.
    As expensive as it is to vacation there, I do not think rewards points should ever expire. Sometimes you just can't afford it.

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