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Thread: Topless at CSS?

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    Default Topless at CSS?

    Heading down to CSS in 11 days for my sunset beach wedding! I really wanted to go to SSB but none of my friends or my fiance really want to go. Can you go topless at the main beach at CSS or anywhere other than SSB?

    I might be able to convince someone to go with me to SSB but just in case...I want to topless sunbathe!

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    Yes, you can go topless on the beach at any of the Couples resorts, just not around the pool areas.

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    Agreed...I am not sure if I am game for Au Natural, but would like to get some sun down there myself without my top...Is this acceptable??

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    Default SSB give it a try !!

    We went to CSS for the first time two years back, without the intention of going on SSB !

    We decided what the hell lifes about experiences we'll give it ago,and loved it !! its so chilled, the people you meet are really friendly.

    I am sure if you do give it a try you will not be disapointed.

    Either way have a great Holiday !!

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    I assume you're a woman, most men aren't concerned about going topless . As far as I know, as a woman, you can go to SSB alone if you want to give it a try. It's only men who must have a partner with them when they visit the AN areas. If none of your friends will go with you, you could venture over to SSB yourself an hour or so before 5:00pm. SSB becomes clothing optional at 5:00pm. Your friends can join you with their clothes on after 5:00 and you can watch the sunset together... with or without your bottoms on.

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    Actually ~ Topless sunbathing is NOT allowed at CSS on the main beach. There is a thread (which I can't find) where Randymon states that Topless on the main beach is only allowed at CN & CSA. Topless is only allowed on the pier at CTI and not allowed at all at CSS.

    We were at CSS in November and I asked if I could go topless and was told 'no', but I was welcome to go over to SSB and be nude.

    The beach at CSS is very small compared to CN or CSA. I think for that reason the rule is there. It really does make since, because it would be hard for those not wanting to be around topless bathers to be able to sit away from them. Don't think of me as a prude for saying that as we are always on the nude beaches.
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    I have seen several women at CSS on the main beach who were topless
    I am not disagreeing with you Juli, just reporting what I saw when we were there


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    According to the FAQ's link on their site, it answers the topless and AN questions and states what is permitted where, and it does say that at CSS topless and AN only at SSB. Not saying topless doesn't happen on the main beach.

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    Can't imagine why they say you cannot be topless at any of the pools when I would think you can be totally naked in the SSB or TI pool and the CN jacuzzi.

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    Hi MrsTyo10,
    Maybe if you feed me enough drinks, I will join you P
    Can't wait to c u and be a part of your beautiful sunset wedding!
    Love - your cuz!

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    Default Topless at CSS?

    Quote Originally Posted by ahhh vacation View Post
    Can't imagine why they say you cannot be topless at any of the pools when I would think you can be totally naked in the SSB or TI pool and the CN jacuzzi.
    We are saying "other" than the AN areas, no topless at the public pools. Of course you must be AN at the AN pools. The question was other than SSB which is AN ONLY where they could go topless.

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    Default Can someone please clarify the official CSS policy

    Topless on main beach or not?

    If not, why so? CSS is not much different that the other couples resorts.
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    The main (textile) beach at CSS is very narrow which I believe would be the reason - no way for a topless babe to "blend in". I actually meant to test this because I had been watching this thread before our 12/11/09 departure to CSS. SSB was so fantastic we never even went to the textile beach to test the "no topless rule".

    On SSB the beach is actually much larger or shall I say deeper - but it's AN so topless isn't the issue. I think at CSS if you want to go topless just go to the AN SSB - BUT bottomless is required . Go... experience it, you'll love it!
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    This must have changed? We were at CSS in 2007 and topless was allowed on the main beach, but not at the pools. I also went topless at the sandy deck behind the fitness centre (at the top of the mineral pool). There was usually no-one else there, or 1 other couple at the most. It was great. Seems kind of a shame that topless sunbathing isnt allowed for those who dont want to do the complete AN.

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    This is from the FAQ section of the website. Not allowed at any textile pools, and not allowed on the CTI main beach. Unfortunately, they have not updated the FAQs with CSS specific information. Maybe Randymon can answer for sure?

    Is topless allowed?

    Yes – topless sunbathing is allowed in designated areas at following resort:

    Couples Tower Isle: topless sunbathing is permitted at the end of the pier off the main beach.

    Couples Negril: topless sunbathing is allowed on the main beach.

    Couples Swept Away: topless sunbathing is allowed on the main beach.

    Topless is not allowed at or in any of our swimming pools.
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    We were there in 2009 and several of us were toppless on the main beach. More sunning the girls than not. But like SSB the best!

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    Grow up and go to Sunset Beach. My wife and I tried it in Sept 2009 and liked it so much we went back in November 2009 and spent every day at Sunset. Met some wonderful people who we communicate with virtually every day now. We are planning to return this year.

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    I have to say that I love to go Topless but really not keen on the idea of bottomless. If I pluck up the courage though I definitely won't want to mingle, I will be glued to my sun lounger.

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    At Couples Swept Away, last year in March I went topless on the main beach and saw other women doing the same. It's such a large beach that I don't think you could really offend anyone by sunbathing topless.

    kazd - I'm with you about not being very keen on the idea of bottomless. We are going to CN and CSA this year and have friends that go to the AN beach, but I just can't seem to get up the courage to go fully nude and if I did I'm sure I too would be glued to the lounger. LOL

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    I noticed on the updated FAQ section this has been addressed.

    is allowed in designated beach areas: Couples Tower Isle: End of the pier off the main beach.
    Couples Negril: Main beach.
    Couples Swept Away: Main beach.
    Couples Sans Souci: Main beach.

    Topless is not allowed at or in any of our swimming pools

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    we were there three years ago, my wife was not comfortable bottomless after seven days at SSB due to lady issues. We spent last two days on the main beach right in front off the water sports hut, and we both was topless less. Water front guys came over a number of times and talked with us never once asked her to put on a top. D & D

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