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    Default beach swimming at TI

    We are looking at TI for our next rip but on ething is bugging me. In all the pictures I see of the beach, noone seems to floating on the floaties or swimming! It also seems windy in the pictures too. Is it extra windy there compared to the others? It the sand not smooth in the water? Is it too choppy to float? Thanks!!

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    We do nothing BUT float and lounge on the beach. I can tell you that I purposely avoid pics with other guests in them when I shoot...maybe others do as well.

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    It's because everyone is out of the water taking pictures! I know thay for me, I'm too busy floating during the day to take pictures, so all of my pics are of the bech in the morning, while everyone is still at breakfast. I have a couple that might put your mind at ease. No worries, mon!
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    I think you might be partially right - in my experience (once to CN once to CTI) people did spend more time in the water at CN. The swimming areas are very different -both are beautiful but we LOVED CN and will be returning 2011. CN has very fine sand and a deep beach.

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