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    Default Love walking the beach

    Ten years ago for my wonderful wifes 40th we spent a amazing week in CN. time to go again for the 50th! Whats the best resort for long walks?

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    csa it is located on long bay and offers the best beach walk

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    CSA, for sure.

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    As the others said, CSA for sure! If you are looking at the beach go left. You will venture off the resort and can walk for miles.

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    CSA is the winner here. Not only can you walk in either direction a long, long way, but you can take romantic walks at night across the property. The lighting they use and because the resort is so spread out, makes for the most romantic night stroll you could ever imagine.

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    We love to beach walk also and that is one of the reasons we chose CSA. If you are facing the ocean and go to the right there is a section where you need to go up off the beach on a path around a wooded outcropping. There isn't usually any people around and a little spooky but once around it you go by the S resort and can a little beyond. This is a fairly long walk and can offer some nice photo ops. If at the resort and walk to the left you can walk even further. You could walk all the way to Negril though we never made it that far. This is a pleasant walk if you enjoy seeing other resorts, people watch, seeing little shops and beach bars. Just beyond Margarittaville there is a bar called Chances.Off to one side they have a bobsled that the owner said is the actual bobsled that was used in the movie Cool Runnings. We stopped for a couple beers, took some pics around the bobsled and bar, and bought some cds from the owner. When off the property just use normal common sense and try to stay among people just as you would in any other U.S. city. We felt pretty safe on our walks. We confined our walks to the daylight hours and did not travel beyond the resort after dark.
    Have fun.

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    Thanx everyone, November now seems so very far away..

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