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    Default Going to CSA for the first time in May!

    Hi there,
    Just wanted to introduce ourselves! I'm Jenni and my soon-to-be-hubby is Jamie. We're traveling to CSA in May for our honeymoon, we're hoping to find somewhere we can return to many times! He and I rarely get vacations, so this is an unbelievable treat for us, we're both very into the whole laid back tropical vibe. We're also hoping to conceive our first baby in Jamaica! (gee, no pressure or anything!)We're 31 and 32, and very excited about snorkeling and going to the catamarans. Anything else we definitely should NOT miss out on?

    Thanks everyone!

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    JLG2 -

    When will you be going?

    Don't miss out on Ultimate Chocolat! Also, be sure to try the snorkeling and the sunset cruise! Maybe we'll see you there.

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    Do not miss the swim-up bar or Sea Grapes for lunch.

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    Your story is similar to our but we will actually be married at CSA. We will be there May 16th - May23rd. When will you be ariving and which room did you book?

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    WOW honeymoon and conceptionmoon all in one. Go to feathers and lemongrass to experience them both for dinner. The sweet potato chips at sea grapes. Experience the spa...mmmmmmm its awesome! The catamaran trip, snorkeling, just walking up the beach to see the different resorts and experience the Jamaican people. If you desire to, get off the resort to experience the country.

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    Make sure you check out the Martini Bar that is located above the Palms restaurant. Also, take a stroll at night across the property. The lighting and fauna make it so romantic. And go snorkeling. Very relaxing and you might see something cool. The sport bar is a must see too.

    Did you request a third floor corner room for baby making? Those are the most private You are going to love CSA. Congrats on getting married and have fun!

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    Plans have changed a bit, we've decided to go in August (the 9th-16th) so we could save up a bit more, and be a little more prepared for the um.. conception part! I look so forward to going "home" for the first time, I'm a total beach lover and I can't imagine a more beautiful place to call my home away from home! Thank you guys so much for your wonderful suggestions, we're writing them all down!

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    Hi JLGSquared, welcome to the Couples Family! You're going to love CSA. The previous posts summed up most of the things we enjoyed like walks on the beach early mornings, evenings in the Aura Lounge with Ulti, walks through the grounds in the evening and the specialty restaurants. I'd like to add going over to the Sports Center/Spa. It's awesome and the best we've ever been to in the Carib. Also eat breakfast a few times at Patois restaurant and order the banana stuffed french toast and a breakfast pizza. Boy do they hit the spot when washed down with a few Hummingbirds...MMMMM. Also don't miss the Manager's cocktail party on Monday night when you arrive. You'll get to meet all of the outstanding department managers in one place and feast on some awesome appetizers and drinks. Have fun in paradise, aka CSA!

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    We are also getting married there May 20th at 2 pm. What time is your wedding?

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    Default May 8-May 15

    We will be there from May 8-May 15 for our wedding and honeymoon and can't wait!
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    As wonderful as Couples properties are, I like to encourage people to get off the resort at some point and explore the local culture.
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    I would LOVE tips and advice on how to make this happen!! I actually don't want to leave Jamaica UNTIL I see it!!! Contact me!!!

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    AHammon -

    There are lots of posts to be found about "off-campus" excursions and activities... too numerous to address here. If you've got something in mind, let us know... perhaps then we can steer you in the right direction.

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    My fiancee and I are going to be at CN, may 16th through the 23rd...for our honeymoon. First time going to cn.......

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    You'll definitely want to meet Elvis - you can't miss him with his big smile and Shut Up And Fly t-shirt. He's the person to see for parasailing (an extra cost, but absolutely a MUST if you can afford the extra $60 or so) or jet skiing. Plus he's just a great guy. The other thing not to miss are those awesome floaties on the beach lounge chairs - just take one into the ocean and lounge to your heart's content (and have your hubby bring you a little drinkie from the bar while you're in the water - or you bring him one)'ll really really think you're in heaven - congrats on your wedding, and trust that you'll so thoroughly enjoy CSA that you'll be counting the days til your new baby is old enough to leave with grandma and grandpa so you can return!!

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