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    Default Air Jamaica Cuts Back

    Was scheduled to fly AJ from O'Hare to MoBay but flight is cancelled. Air Jamaica is not having any flights from ORD anymore as of March/April. We were coming home to CSA Nov. this year. I don't know if I am willing to pay more for a non-direct flight that is going to take twice as long. This sucks!

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    I would just keep checking flights and rates, in fact that is what I am doing. When I first booked for August there was a direct flight on Air Jamaica for $600 round trip for the two of us, but did not get into MoBay until 4:00 in the afternoon, so we decided to wait it out. Now there is no AJ flight out of Orlando, will have to look for another airline.

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    Just a thought, you might want to try Air Trans, I know that they have direct flights out of Orlando to Mobay, not sure about Chicago. You would have to fly out of Midway though.

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    Air Tran only runs a direct flight out of Chicago during the peak times of Jan, Feb and March I believe. I would call and double check that though, as I am not absolutely positive. AA has a dirct flight out of O'Hare to MB, but, I belive they only run it on Saturdays. We had always flown AJ, but had to switch over to the AA flight as we are going back home to CN in April. It was about $250 more than our AJ flight, but at least it was still direct and we will arrive in MB only two hours later than with the AJ flight too.

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