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    Default Just 1 month back and booked again

    I just had to share my excitement with my Couples friends - the only one's who truly understand my joy! We just returned from a spectacular first time visit to Couples Negril in December. We never enjoyed an all-inclusive resort previously visited the way we loved Couples. SO -- I booked us another week for this December! Thank you all and I must say you were all right. Once you go, you know! I am going to steal this great phrase that has become my mantra -- Couples Negril, Oh how I love typing those words!

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    Hi Tinpgh - Loved your review. We feel the same way about CN. We have been back five times and it gets better and better.Believe me, you will be dreaming and talking about this place all year.
    Also, I was born in Connellsville, Pa., close to you but now I live in Alabama.
    Couples Negril- awesome!

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    Awesome! I did the same thing after our first trip. I had to wait two years to go back, but we are headed back to CSA this October. I was hooked! It's great to have a place that you can truly escape to.

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    Same here just back from CN and have booked CSS for a 3rd visit


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