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    Default CSA Unbelievable

    We got back into Hartford last night around 1 AM. Our first time to a couples resort and specifically CSA was unbelievable. What an absolute awesome time and we will be back(had money left over and put it away for our next trip). Once we get settled in we will write a more complete review, but for now will touch on just a few topics often discussed:

    Customs/Immigration arriving in MB: very quick
    Topless: 6-10 women every day(Susie too)
    Beach: The cleanest
    Cusoms/Immigration leaving MB: The most people we have ever seen and a very slow process
    Air Jamaica: Great
    TimAir: Will do it again(Awesome views)
    Chair game: Repeaters now what we are talking about and yes it goes on every day

    Any questions ask away. Stay tuned for a more complete review in the near future.

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    give us more!!! :0)

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    Default Chair game?

    OK I'll bite.... I'm not a repeater.... we are headed to CSA in Feb. Just curious what the chair game is. Thanks, Jeff

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    Check out our review titled CSA 12/27-1/02. Ask away. In the end we had an absolute fantastic time and can not wait to return(came back with a little extra $$$ and have started a new saving kitty). We really couldn't find anything to complain about or that dissapointed us---hey we are on vacation and in Jamaica, not at work or in the cold Wisconsin weather. We have been busy organizing all the photo's we took. Every day we talk about something that we saw or did on the trip and how we miss the relaxed, no worries atmosphere now that we are both back in that "work mode". No green flag service here in Wisconsin

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