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    Default weather in jamaica??

    I am leaving for CSA this saturday and have read a few reviews about cold weather and rain continuing across jamaica. Is this something to be concerned about or is the weather there typical for jamaica during this time period, periods of light rain but mostly sunshine. Please offer any advice because if the weather is chilly than i would need to change some of my packing.

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    The temperature in Jamaica is pretty consistant no matter what time of year you go. Also, there is no such thing as rain in Jamaica, only "liquid sunshine mon". If you check under travel, they have a pretty good chart showing the averages for temps & rain for each month of the year. Have a great trip, we'll be there April 9th. Yeah Mon!!!

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    You should always bring a light sweater or wrap no matter what. Feathers can be chilly. Not sure of the typical weather during this time of year, but I hope you get the best the Caribbean has to offer. You are gonna love CSA.

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    Try this link:

    It's and type in Negril, Jamaica for the location.

    Hope this helps.

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    Our first cold spell hit back last month I the time when some blizzard shut down the airports in New York. It lasted a week...tons of rain (one day for 20 straight hours...I wondered if we'd start growing moss on our skin, or need to develop webbed hands and feet), wind, cold air (for us...was down in the low 70's)

    This past week, we've had yet another cold front...high winds, rough sea, cold, cold air (a couple of nights down to the high 60s, days in the low 70s)...rain only one night that I can remember.

    I know to those of you who live in the frozen wastelands of North America, Canada and Europe will find our complaints of cold weather laughable...but considering the normal temps here are usually not higher nor lower than the 80's, what we've been going through has been downright miserable.

    Today, the sun actually came out for awhile, enough to shed the sweatshirt and feel a bit of warmth. The wind is quiet now...usually seems to come up in the late night hours. The sea is still full of waves, but not as bad as before. The frontal system is supposed to continue to lighten and finally die out by the weekend...we'll see...but Lord knows, we're all anxious to get back to our usual tropical winter time climate.

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    Road Gypsy: Thank you so much for the info. many of us leaving in the next few days are wondering how to pack! Wisconsin is coming out of a deep freeze too - today it's suppose to hit 38 degrees LOL

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