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    Default Need Help Deciding... CTI or CSS?

    Just looking for some opinions to help make our decision.

    We're going to be visiting Couples for our honeymoon in July and we can't decide between CTI or CSS. For CTI we are looking at booking the deluxe ocean view room. CSS the deluxe ocean verandah suite. Room wise we are looking for something spacious, relaxing, and pretty private.

    We're not interested in the island at CTI, and I have read that if you don't want to go there it's not like your missing anything. We're very active people so we def. want a place where we can do things during the day and relax at night. Swimming with the dolphins and snorkeling are 2 things we have on our list as must dos on our honeymoon.

    Anyone have any suggestions on which resort we should choose?

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    Your description of "something spacious, relaxing and pretty private" spells CSS to a "T". The rooms at both CSS and CTI meet those requirements but the resort at CSS also meets that description. We've been to both and can tell you that CSS is more spread out with places for the two of you to wander on the property and just get away together. It's a tropical paradise like something off "Fantasy Island" with a few stairs to climb. CTI is more of a "high-rise" type of resort where everything is more centralized, which can be good for those that don't like things so spread out.

    CSS also has Sunset Beach (SSB) where you can experience a breath-taking sunset or get an all-over tan. The difference between doing AN at CSS and CTI is that at CTI you have to take a boat to the island where at CSS you just walk on and off as you choose.

    If you like being active then look for Kimberly and the water sports guys at CSS during the late afternoon and take on some fun beach volleyball.

    The snorkeling at both CTI and CSS is good but depends mostly on the weather. Swimming with the dolphins is an excursion you can have from either location. Another "not to miss" excursion, that's included, is a climb up Dunn's River Falls.

    Here are pictures of CSS and of CTI we took last April. The room at CSS was a one bedroom ocean suite and the room at CTI was a Jr. Ocean Suite. We haven't looked at the room types you were indicating but are sure others have and will be able to give their opinions.

    Hope this helps in making your decision.

    Bart & Bug

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    CTI!! It has the most excursions, if you want to be active during the day, and the evenings are fun with the entertainment and then the piano bar!!

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