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    Default Hows the fishing from CN in FEB?

    I love to get out and try some fishing when ever we take a vacation. Anyone been out from CN resort? Will take any suggestions on price, Captains and boats,what U caught, ect... I will be there on Feb 13th - 20th. Thanks a bunch!!!!

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    Please understand, I am not trying to rain on your parade or tell you not to go out fishing. I just want you to be prepared, the fishing around Jamaica is not that great. Their waters have been over fished. The government is working very hard to regulate this and improve things, but for many fish is the mainstay of their diet.

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    Default my husband wants to also!

    I second what was said. We will be there at same time 2/13 - 2/20 and the one thing my husband would like to do is fish. He would really like to fish off shore also for bone fish. Anyone out there that has done this? Bone fishing??

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