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    Default Hobie Sailing at CTI ?

    Hi - We have previously stayed at CSA on 2 trips and loved it ! Especially the great Hobie-Cat sailing.

    For something different we are considering CTI (or CSS)....but - I wanted to hear from some sailing lovers who have been to both resorts -

    Is hobie-cat availability and conditions at CTI as good (or close to !) that at CSA ?

    Thanks for any input ! (I was a member of the old board - and just rejoined this new board since we are thinking about Couples again !).


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    My wife and I take out a Hobie Cat everytime we visit CTI. I have no idea what the conditions are like at CSA, but riding a a Hobie Cat at CTI is a blast! The waves are just big enough to add a sense of adventure to the expreince without being too rough, and the views are amazing.

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