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    Default Dunns River Falls and First Timers at CTI

    Hello everyone! My husband and I will be at CTI April 25 - May 2nd (first timers!). We are very excited and have not taken a vacation like this in 13 years (last one was our honeymoon). We are excited to spend time on the Island and meet new people!

    Here is my question. Is Dunns River Falls very steep? Do you have to be in good shape to climb it or can the average person make it up to the top? I have my TEVA's so I have good, sturdy shoes. Is it slippery? Details! Thanks!

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    DRF is not very steep although it is a little slippery. Not a strenuous climb at all. You form a human chain while climbing. Although, Tommywommy did rename it..."Bust Your Ass Avenue" LOL

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    We just did it a few weeks ago on our honeymoon. It is not very steep at all. We were all nervous about it and thought it might be steep or difficult, but it wasn't.

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    Here's a look at what you can expect. It's not bad at all. I took this photo a couple of years ago.
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    Default Dunns River Falls

    Thank you for your replies and photo! I'm laughing out loud because after viewing the photo, I should not have any problems because I have climbed Mt. Saint Helens. I'll never climb that mountain again (not fun) so I just wanted to be sure it wasn't straight up. I'm sure you understand. Thanks!

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    gonhikn, we're first timers too (birds of a feather ), and we'll be staying at CTI from 4/10 thru 4/16. At some point in between we'll do the falls, so you can look for my post-trip review, which I'll post in here before you head out. I'm sure it will be nice to get a perspective from a fellow newbie.

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    It was more difficult than I imagined but I was also imagining a small waterfall that you more or less walk in and around and snap a few photos. My wife and I are in fairly decent shape and there were really only 1 or 2 spots where you had to do any steep climbing and the guides were typically right there to help you up (whether you needed it or not). I was surprised how non-slippery it was with aquasocks.

    Actually, the only part that I struggled with was the very end walking out of the falls. I have a feeling that many people enter the falls from there and get debris in there because it was really the only part that was slippery to me and there were quite a few holes (plus you're navigating around people cleaning sand out of your shoes).

    We actually just watched our video last night and it was pretty funny to watch, if you have a fun group, it's definitely worth buying for a laugh now and then. I probably wouldn't go back and do it again but it was definitely a good time.

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    We just came back from CTI. I was also afraid the climb would be straight up. But it is as the picture shows. The water was really rushing down the day we went, not sure if it was from all the rain or if it is always like that. The Climb wasn't bad, just a few spots you had to watch how you got into the deeper parts because it was hard to see the rock beneath. We also bought the video (very overpriced) but a nice rememberance.

    It must be sugar daddy's birthday everyday because he was celebrating the day we went also!

    Go and have fun!

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    * Add to my previous post...besides the streams in Tennessee, it was the coldest water I have ever been in!!

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