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    Me and my Fiance get married on the 29th August and are thinking about having our honeymoon at CSA. We really want to relax by the beach in the day and enjoy some music, dancing, entertainment in the evening. We have never done a beach holiday together so need to be entertained as well as relaxing. Can any advise if this is the place for it. I hear that music and dancing is the way of life in Jamaica but is it the CSA way?

    Also, has anyone else been in the first 2 weeks in september, what is the weather like? I know theres a chance of rain but does it rain all day or just maybe a little in the afternoon to cool the tempurature down for the evening?

    We just want an amazing honeymoon, i am 26 and my fiance is 32. Will it be as amazing as it sounds? I hope so! thanks for your help

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    You should definitely go to CSA for your honeymoon. The beach is beautiful and the resort is so romantic. You can be as active as you want or just lay around all day. There are strolling musician on the beach, live entertainment with dancing, Ultimate Chocolate in the Piano Bar, and the Aura Lounge for dancing to DJ'd music. You are going to love this place. CSA ROCKS!

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    My husband and I were just there Dec 17th-24th for our Honeymoon. We were worried/concerned about all the same things you are questioning too! Before we left we wanted to do some outside excursions, but once we arrived we realized there was sooo much to do if you wanted, but it was also very relaxing if that's what you want! The night entertainment is wonderful and always something different. From what we were told, CSA has the most things included and when we were there, others said they tried the other resorts but CSA was it! The weather is the same there most of the time. If it rains, it is usually for a short time, which is nice to take a break from the sun. I brought a few sweaters to wear at night, but I am a cold person. The coolest it got at night when we were there was about 75ish. It was the most amazing vacation we have every been on, but I am going to warn you, once you go you will start planning your next trip as soon as you get back. We are going again in 2011! Have an amazing vacation!

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    Congratulations on your wedding! You have chosen a good day! It was that day 23 years ago for us! I can't help you out as far as CSA info goes until after our initial visit in Feb. I have learned a lot from this board though and feel like I've been already. We are very excited!! Read this board for a while and you will learn much about the Couples Resorts and it should help you with your decision. There are some great and informative folks on here. Here's to a great marriage!! Cheers!!

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    Thank you to everyone for your comments. I am pleased to say that we booked our Honeymoon Yesterday. We arrive on 31st August 2010. We are so excited. Can not wait to start our Couples Journey and by the looks of it theres no better way to do it. I hope we have the energy to do all the things that are on offer, or maybe just chilling on the beach will be pure bliss. Either way i know we will love it. Thank you CSA for all you do. See you in August!

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    We went to CSA for our honeymoon...last Feb...& are going back for our aniversary this Feb...can't wait

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