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    Default First Time at CSA, Questions?

    We will be at CSA in February to celebrate our 30th
    Anniversary! We are looking forward to it, but do have some questions.

    We do no drink alcohol, but drink tons of water. Is bottled water plentiful around the resort? I know I've read some reviews of other resorts where bottled water was hard to come by.

    Can you bring your own snorkeling gear and scuba gear?

    I'm sure I'll think of more questions, and will post more later. Thanks so much for your help!

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    Yes, if you have a mini bar in your room you will have big (bigger) water bottles. All of the bars had bottled water as well. We brought along big mugs (Bubba Keg-purchased at Target) and had them fill with ice water at the beach. It kept our water cold for hours!
    You can bring snorkle gear but there isn't much sea life close to the beach. We just used the resorts when we went out on the boat.
    You are going to have so much fun at CSA! The end of my CSA tan just faded away

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    The water in Jamaica is just fine - please consider the environment and bring your own reuseable bottles!

    We always bring our own snorkel and mask, but fins take up too much space in our luggage, so we just use theirs.

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    Also, even though there IS bottled water, the tap water is VERY safe to drink. Housekeeping will fill a thermal carafe with icewater in the morning and at turndown service for you to drink as well.

    Have a blast at our favorite place.

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    Water is plentiful. Both pools have fountain drinks and cups you can use as well. Mostly pepsi products, water, and ting. Or they have smoothies and non alcoholic drinks at all the bars along the beach.

    We brought our own snorkel stuff and had fun playing under water at csa. You'd be surprised what you will find. Lots of crabs and small fish. Saw a few sting rays as well. We like to collect shells from all the beaches we go to and it's hard to find them without a mask.

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    Bottled water is available in your room if you have a mini bar and at the bars as well. We also bring insulated cups to keep our water cold. We bring our masks and snorkels but use the resorts fins. Not sure about scuba gear. Have fun! We are arriving on 2/5 for ten days and can't wait!!



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    Same here on the snorkel gear... we bring our own. We also use our gear to explore along the beach... we occasionally see some interesting things, rays, sole, stars, coral fragments and other sea creatures out there. You can't use resort equipment for that. They only allow its use on the snorkel tours.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    My husband brought is own scuba gear, he was able to store it in a locker at the dive hut.

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