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    Default Our CSS vow renewal and COR 2nd honeymoon 11/28-12/8/2007

    We had a beautiful day at CSS for our vow renewal on 11/30/07. We were so lucky that our good friends Sue & O.S. and Vicki & Gary came to CSS to participate in the ceremony. That really made the day even more special.

    We had a 4:00pm ceremony time which Nadia the fantastic wedding coordinator suggested we move to 3:00 for better weather since it had been pouring rain off and on that day. Glad we took her advice as the pictures and DVD turned out much brighter and the sunset that evening wasn't much to look at being pretty overcast over the mountains.

    I planned a friday ceremony at CSS so we could treat the Star Light Gala as a big reception and that worked out perfect. I was sweating the rain for a bit but everything was all cleared up for the ceremony and Gala. We had originally toured CSS right after Couples acquired it in 2005. I had always wanted to do a vow renewal at COR until I saw that gorges wedding gazebo on the cliff at CSS. Then I saw the CSS promotional video clip that showed a couple getting married then going to the Star Light Gala for their reception - yep that's where I got the idea.

    I even got Dav our great DVD guy to come back later that night to get shots of us at the Gala. He worked 2 extra hours much later in the day than he usually would have so I tipped him very well for taking such good care with all my special requests. He and Nadia even used our camera to take the pictures at no charge since I only wanted the digital images no printed pictures or album because I custom made my own photo albums. Dav even got a shot of us at the pasta station at the Gala that looks identical to the shot on the promo video. That was a awesome surprise!

    I brought special cake, reception table and gazebo decorations which Nadia took care of. I was going to bring some sea shells to scatter on the table with the cake since all my cake decorations were sea shell themed but couldn't fit them in the luggage. Well to my total surprise that is exactly what the table was decorated with and CSS's shells were prettier than mine because some were painted gold. Also a great surprise was the beautiful fondant icing on the cake. I figured out later that they use that kind on the Jamaican fruit cake that we had because it's the kind of cake that regular icing would be all full of crumbs.

    I swear between Dav & Nadia I thought they were reading my mind. Every little extra surprise had apparently come straight out of my CSS vow renewal fantasy and was performed without even a request. Kind of spooky those two got everything so dead on exactly like I wanted with very little instruction. Our day was absolutely perfect. Thinking back the only two things I would have changed was more flowers to decorate the wedding gazebo (like I would have even noticed since I had to go back to the DVD to seen how it was decorated the first time!) and would have planned some sort of activity for our wedding party as there was a lull between the end of the ceremony/reception/picture taking and the start of the Star Light Gala but no fear we all ended up at the beach bar having cocktails until Gala time.

    All in all the whole experience was pretty darn perfect! As perfect as my fantasy and then some. Now when to get back to CSS - ASAP!

    Message to Couples and CSS management Nadia the CSS wedding coordinator and Davol Clark from Bill Clark Photography are exemplary employees that you should highly value and do what ever it takes to retain. They have to hardest jobs on the resort dealing with all us bridezillas and they are both fabulous!
    Shari & James
    Members of the 4 for 4 club

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    wow thanks for sharing your video, I know its been a few years but it helps us future brides help get a visual of the resort etc. THANK YOU

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