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    Default CN for Valentines??

    Hi everyone,

    OK I am addicted to this board and welcome all this great advice. Only 33 days for us! Anyone else coming with us to CN for VD day??? BTW we are newbies!!!! and can hardly wait!!!!

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    It will be our second trip (2/6-15) - we were there last year! We added a couple more days so we could spend VD there again. CN does a great job!

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    We'll be there....married on Valentine's day (also my birthday....figured I wouldn't forget it that way...) 2003. We're returning for our 9th year (missed last year due to family stuff...) You're gonna love it....

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    Default CN Valentine's Day

    There will be lots of company! Come join us on the February Thread.

    Meet-up at Couples/Couples Negril
    there is a February thread and Valentines day thread. Welcome to the couples family!
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    Default See U There!!!!

    This is our 1st time to Couples. Family members say it's an awesome time. We need to get out of Wisconsin's winter weather for some R&R and warm weather.

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    Where are you from in WI?? We are from the Milwaukee area and will be at Couples Negril for our 6th year from Feb 5 - Feb 13. Valentines Day is wonderful there! We were there last year for it - they decorate beautifully, special appetizers poolside, gifts on your bed at night! Just fabulous - you will have a great time!

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    Default any special things on VD

    For those who have been there in past, what can we "Newbies" expect on Valentine's at CN???

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